Exeter’s University: A History

Jeremy Black (2019), Exeter’s University: A History, University of Exeter Press

Last September we were able to hear Jeremy Black, Professor of History at the University, speak about the history of the university over the last 60 years. He is the author of a large coffee-table book, The City on the Hill, published in 2015 to coincide with the diamond jubilee of the granting of the royal charter. That book consisted of more than 300 pages, and contained 130 colour photographs as well as 31 black and white illustrations. The price was substantial (£40), though we were given a special reduction of 30 percent last autumn.

Now Professor Black has gone one step further. This year he has reissued the book, with the new title Exeter’s University: A History, in a different and smaller (and for many people a more useful) format, making it suitable for easy storage on a bookshelf. Gone are all the photos and illustrations. The basic chapter headings and content have been retained, but some new material has been added, particularly in the later chapters. The book sells at £20, though club members can get a 10 percent discount on this price at the university bookshop.

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Created by Alex Volkov