Lunch at the Manor Inn, Lower Ashton, 28 March 2023

On a damp Devon day eight members joined our event organiser, Anne Mayes, braving narrow lanes, even narrower hump-back bridges, pot-holes and highway diversions, for lunch at the Manor Inn in the hamlet of Lower Ashton.

The travel difficulties proved to have been well worthwhile. The Manor Inn, a family owned and run restaurant and pub, was easy to find following clear directions provided by Anne. It was warm and welcoming. We were directed to a comfortable restaurant area on the upper floor. Service was excellent, as was our food.

We enjoyed excellent company with conversation covering many diverse subjects before we emerged, again into the rain, for our journeys home. ‘Thank you’ to Anne for introducing us to one of her ‘locals’, and I certainly will make a return visit before too long.

Mike Aspray

Created by Alex Volkov