Visit to Penryn, 25 July 2017

Visit to Penryn Campus, 25 July 2017

It was with some surprise and amazement, and a touch of nostalgia, that our group of 20 plus became students again as we were treated to a fascinating series of short talks and a tour of the University Campus at Penryn.  The afternoon visit was well organised and structured, and at first glance may have looked a little dull, but it turned out to be exactly the opposite.

We were entertained and welcomed by Professor Dave Hosken.  Amongst many facts we learned that the Campus is shared between Exeter and Falmouth Universities. Professor Juliet Osborne told us about the Environment and Sustainability Institute, and after lunch we commenced our tour.  Of great interest were the laboratories (chemist writing) where a wide variety of research takes place.  Many aspects of Biodiversity and Conservation, Marine Renewables, Sustainable Fisheries and Climate Change are studied at Penryn.

An enormous number of research projects takes place, but highlights for me included the insect radar, which monitors the size, weight and orientation of insects flying above, with one similar for birds. We were intrigued by the study of bees which have aerials attached to their backs (harmless!)

An entertaining talk from Professor Brendan Godley from the Centre for Ecology and Conservation brought home to me how fortunate the students are to travel to many places in the world for their studies.

This was followed by a visit to the Camborne School of Mines, where we found ourselves surrounded by exhibits of rocks and minerals (chemist at home again).  After representatives from the Students Union gave us a glimpse of the life of today’s students, it was all too soon time for the bus back to the station.

Did I mention lunch?  It was rather good!

Alan Read



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