Lunch at @34 Restaurant, 12 February 2019

Lunch at @34 Restaurant, Exeter College, 12 February 2019

This was a return visit to the @34 Restaurant which we have enjoyed in the past. Sixteen of us sat down to lunch. The restaurant had organised an excellent seating plan, with four people on each side around a square, so that we could all see and talk to each other. The food is prepared and served by students who are studying catering at the college. The prices are incredibly low.

The food and its presentation was perhaps not of quite the high quality that we have come to expect in the past. Many of the dishes had an Asian theme, which may have posed a special challenge for young chefs who may not be familiar with this type of food. Nonetheless, we still much enjoyed this opportunity to meet and chat with other members of the club.


Peter Wingfield-Digby

Created by Alex Volkov